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Add/Find Subject

In order to transfer data from the scanner to the data base, you need the subject’s ID number and the information must be stored with the session in the system. If you reserved time without specifying a subject, before starting to scan you will need to correct the session and add the subject’s ID. If you don’t know the ID or if this is a new subject, you will need to us the Subjects’ Add / Find tool.

Using the top menu bar

Menu Bar

go to the Tools page and chose Add / Find

Tools Page

This will bring up the Edit Subjects page:

Edit Subject

If you are looking to find a subject’s ID, fill in the name fields, date of birth, classification and gender (if this is not a phantom). The system will fill in the race and ethnicity fields (if this is a human subject) and display the subject’s ID at the bottom:

Subject ID

If the subject does not exist, the system will ask you to confirm before adding it to the data base:

Confirm Add Subject

Pressing Yes will return to the previous window and display the ID. Pressing No will go back and allow you to edit the information.

Notes on subjects’ names

You need to be consistent with the name information you enter for the subject:
  • Avoid nicknames (get the exact spelling of the subject’s name from an official identification)
  • If you use a middle initial when you added the subject, always use that middle initial in later bookings.

If you’ve misspelled the name of a subject that is already present in the data base, but got the rest of the information correct, the system will ask you for confirmation. Assuming you’ve entered the name "Jon Q Public" (letter "h" missing from the name):

Subject Correction

The subject ID is not guaranteed to be unique. Although it has a very low probability of happening, you might come across two distinct subjects that resolve to the same ID (you will notice this if you try to add a subject that you know has not been scanned before and the system returns and existing ID without asking you to confirm the addition.) In such an unlikely event, you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Add/remove middle initial: if you had entered the subject with a middle initial, re-enter it without it; if you had not entered middle initial, re-enter with it.
  2. Use a nickname instead of the given first name (e.g, "Bob" instead of "Robert".)
  3. Contact the staff at CBI

Notes on demographical information

If you are scanning a human subject, you will need to enter Race and Ethnicity information. Ethnicity is limited to Hispanic/Latino or not. According to the U.S. Census bureau, Hispanic/Latino are generally people from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico, Central and South America and any other who cosiders their heritage to be hispanic. Therefore people from Spain are Hispanic/Latino, while people from France, Romania and Italy are not.