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WebDB Help

Schedule an exam and create a "Ticket"

Here are what the gui looks like for the WebDB scheduler and recon application. You can log on at or click on from the front page of CBI website.

After logging on you should see the below calendar.
To extract data, click on the session box. You can edit future sessions by just clicking on the session box and changing the information.

  • Grey boxes are past sessions.
  • Yellow are your lab’s sessions and those that you can edit or extract data.
  • Orange are other labs’ scheduled sessions that you cannot edit nor view.


The page below is how you create a (ticket) for a new session. Make sure you follow the date format exactly or it will give you an error. Caps do not matter. IT WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO SCHEDULE IN THE PAST.

Edit Session

You can schedule a session without specifying a subject, this will allow you to book time before you know who the subject will be. Before scanning you will need to edit the session and enter the subject’s ID or you will not be able to transfer the images from the scanner to the data base. If you do not have the subject’s ID, you can use the Add / Find button. This will take you to the subjects’ edit page. Once done with the subect, hitting Continue will take you back to the session you were scheduling.

After hitting save you will get the page below. This is your Ticket. Print this out for your records. The two important fields are the Subject ID and the Accession Number. Remember to fill out the registration page on the mri scanner using the new id and accession numbers in the appropriate fields or you will NOT be able to send your data to the database.

Generated Ticket