NYU CBI NIfTI Matlab tool

The NIfTImatlab tool allows the user to operate on NIfTI image files from Matlab.


niftimatlab is licensed under the standard BSD license.

Current version:

1.3, released November 14, 2017.


You can download the source code with pre-compiled mex files from NIfTIMatlab.tar.gz.

The mex files where compiled for the following O/S and MATLAB versions:

Build Instructions

The version of the nifticlib needed for the tools is included in the distribution. It will be built inside the NIfTImatlab directory in the nifticlib/lib subdirctory.
$ cd NIfTImatlab
$ autoconf
$ ./configure [arguments]
$ make all
$ make install (optional)
The most common arguments for configure are: N.B.: the build depends on either $TMW_ROOT being defined, or the command matlab to point to the correct Matlab executable. If neither condition is met, the build will fail.


Please look at the file NIfTImatlab/examples/niftiexample.m for some basic operations. Also, from within Matlab, the command
>> help niftifile
will provide top level help.

More Help

For additional help, please contact software@cbi.nyu.edu.