NYU Center for Brain Imaging Resources


The NYU Brain Imaging Center (~1750 square feet) is located on the ground floor of the Meyer building, the same building that houses the Psychology Department and the Center for Neural Science.


3T MRI Scanner

Siemens Allegra 3T head-only scanner. The magnet is compact (1.25m long, 4 tons) and actively shielded, resulting in a fringe field comparable to that of a 1.5T whole-body system. The scanner is equipped with eight fast receivers (1 MHz), a high performance, head gradient system with a maximum gradient strength of 40 mT/m and a slew rate of 400 mT/m/sec, and RF coils from Siemens and third party coil manufacturers.

EEG/ERP Lab, Data Analysis Suite

In addition to the MRI facilities, the Center provides an EEG lab. The lab includes a 128 channel EEG system using the Geodesic Sensor Net technology developed by Electrical Geodisics, Inc. (EGI). EEG offers an approach to studying human cortical function that is complementary to fMRI.

We also provide an imaging lab on the second floor outfitted with Linux machines that have all the current post processing software and programs needed for fMRI analysis.


We have a Magstim Rapid 2 system currently up and running at the Center for Brain Imaging.