NYU Center for Brain Imaging Resources


Center for Brain Imaging: The NYU Center for Brain Imaging is shared research center, dedicated for research and teaching in human neuroscience at NYU.The Center (2800 squarefeet) is located on the 1st and 2nd floors of Meyer Hall,the same building that encompasses the Psychology, Neural Science, and Physics Departments.


3T MRI Scanner

The Center has a Siemens Prisma 3T MRI scanner installed. The Prisma was installed with the research community in mind. With it's gradient strength of 80mT/m and slew rate of 200T/m/s, it is the fastest whole-body 3T scanner commercially available, making it ideal for EPI imaging (both Bold-and diffusion weighted imaging). The actively shielded magnet has zero helium boil-off technology, reducing maintenance costs. The RF system has 64 receivers, with the transmit and receive path in the magnet housing for increased SNR. The 64-channel head/neck coils with integrated pre-amplifiers allows image acceleration, reducing susceptibility distortion and image blurring in EPI while maintaining excellent SNR. Our research agreement with Siemens will give us access to work-in-progress packages, including Simultaneous Multi-Slice acquistion for faster acquistion (shorter TR and/or increased resolution).

EEG/ERP Lab, Data Analysis Suite

In addition to the MRI facilities, the Center provides an EEG lab. The lab includes a 128 channel EEG system using the Geodesic Sensor Net technology developed by Electrical Geodisics, Inc. (EGI). EEG offers an approach to studying human cortical function that is complementary to fMRI.


We have a Magstim Rapid 2 system currently up and running at the Center for Brain Imaging. We also have a TMS-compatible, 64-channel, BrainAmp EEG system for simultaneous EEG/TMS.