[CBIAnnounce] Upcoming fMRI Workshops

Ryan Stolier ryan.m.stolier at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 18:12:33 EDT 2015

Hello everyone,

The first workshop was a success, and we were able to finalize several
things, thanks to the help of everyone at CBI.

First, there is an fMRI workshops listserv
<http://cbi.nyu.edu/mailman/listinfo/fmri_workshops> now to sign up for if
you are attending workshops - we will share materials etc. via this
listserv, as well as via this publicly available google drive folder
This listserv is only for those notifications, not community interaction,
so do not fret any spam.

Second, we have established a schedule for the entire semester of bi-weekly
workshops, below and on the CBI website <http://cbi.nyu.edu/>. We will send
reminders for each. *Remember to RSVP specific workshops in case we reach

Ryan Stolier & Ed Vessel

DateWorkshopHost9/16/2015Lesion visualization & categorization (w/ matlab
and MRIcron)Julian Wills9/29/2015PyMVPA introduction (datatypes, loading
data, analyses)Ryan Stolier10/6/2015Gray matter density analysisHannah Nam
10/13/2015HPC cluster use; Mask creation and manipulation workshopLeor
Hackel; Group workshop10/20/2015Dynamic Causal ModelingJulian Wills
10/27/2015Brain plotting workshopGroup workshop11/3/2015Network / Graph
theory analyses of resting state data (w/ SPM)Jeff Brooks11/10/2015Freesurfer
segmentationEmily Boeke11/17/2015Meta-analyses (Neurosynth, neuroelf)Jeff
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